x Sometimes I Wonder x

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ItÆs depressing at best. In a cold empty room, lit only by a few candles set delicately in random places. The walls pressing slowly in, the world agonizing outside. And all you can hear are the panicking screams and cries for mercy as life is drained from everything you once knew. ôSometimes I Wonderö could be called the soundtrack for pain, agony, death, depression, loss. All the darker emotions that are felt and smothered by everyone are displayed in an emotionally charged, organized chaotic, passionate mix of heavy guitars, raw and harsh vocals, melodic bass lines and a combination of tribal metal and grinding hardcore drum beats. With song topics that range from religion, lost faith, anger and hate, love, loneliness, betrayal, death, heartbreak, life, dreams and fantasies all of which are written with a brutal honesty that everyone can relate too.
Sometimes I Wonder is more than a band. The members have been good friends for many years before the band began. Jimmy Little is the vocalist, Alex Slagle lays lead guitar, Chad Dick plays guitar and adds melodic background vocals, en Vardjan plays bass, and Branden Weaver plays drums. The members all live in he general area of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and have been playing together as a band for a year. They all feel strongly about the power and calling of music. Forget the bullshit of fame and women and popularity. When you see Sometimes I Wonder play live you quickly realize that these guys are in it for the love and art of music. They are completely dedicated to their band, willing to pay whatever it takes to play. And willing to play until they canÆt any longer. Each show is packed with energy and power. It is hard to believe that they are still playing the songs as you watch the controlled chaos on the set. Guitars being swung and smashed into whatever they may hit. The singer falling and dancing and gasping for breath. The bass player among the mess. And a drummer who plays so hard you can literally see steam coming off his back. They have been compared to bands such as Dillenger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, Me Without You, Thursday, Nirvana, Zao, and many others.

Overall Sometimes I Wonder is a passionate band that has a general dark depressive sound to them. They are dedicated, inspired, emotional, hard working, nice guys who wish to play music for the rest of their lives. Or until they are all paralyzed, deaf, and mute.